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About Us

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How It Works

Our groundbreaking platform uses an automated arbitrage system that yields profits for customers based on real-time movements in the cryptocurrency market. 

Our proprietary algorithm buys bitcoin when it is cheaper, and sells when it is more expensive. 

FX-TRADING customers benefit by assuming the profit, which is deposited directly into their online account.



FXTrading Corp = Multi Bot Trading System based on Terminology, Platform “Arbitrage" = No Loss System!!!

✅ Real Company Registered in South Korea (99, Centum dong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea)

✅ Real Owner comes from South Korea

✅ Real Auto Multi Bot Trading System in Crypto, Forex, Arbitration Cryptocurrency and Mining

✅ MTBS bots. Income is more than 15% daily with 8 coins (Ripple, Dash, Lite, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc)

✅ Official Launch on August 10th, 2018 in Busan – South Korea

✅ Around 300.000 people have already joined, and more than 77 countries opened

✅ Earn up to 2.5% daily PASSIVE Income for 200 days 

✅ Total return up to 400% including Profit & Capital

✅ Withdrawal is Minimum $50

✅ Hands-Free, automated passive income